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Articles Index: is a list of articles published in the review from 2001 through 2017.

Feature Articles - practical analysis of contemporary issues and tested approaches to critical questions faced by the litigation practitioner.

Business Valuation for the Litigation Practitioner - frank discussions and insights into how business appraisals must be presented and defended in the courtroom, and tricks and traps that can cause you to end up in court defending yourself against business valuation malpractice.

"I Solemnly Swear" - war stories, horror stories, and hilarious stories from expert witnesses, attorneys, and judges who have "been there--done that" (or "seen -- heard that") in the courtroom.

Technology Tips - practical "how to" information on using technical tools and the Internet from nationally respected experts. Use this information to expand your research capabilities and support your conclusions with difficult to find, but sometimes critical, information.

Book & Product Reviews - independent, objective reviews of new litigation and business valuation publications and software.

Practice Tips - practice aids, efficiency tools, management ideas, and marketing tips specifically directed to the litigation support/business valuation oriented practitioners from national experts who have built successful practices.


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