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Learn what the nation's top financial and business valuation litigation consultants are thinking, and keep up with contemporary issues that have a bearing on their work product.

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Past Articles

"Reliable Economic Evidence" in Patent Infringement Cases, Feature Article
Robert R. McSorley, JD, CPA
February 2005

Improving the Rigor of Your Market Approach, Feature Article
R. Hoffman, CPA/ABV & T. Tatos
February 2017

Is It or Is It Not Discoverable?, Feature Article
Thomas R. Porter, CPA, Esq., DFFA, CVA
June 2005

Overview of FRCP Rule 26 and Spoliation, Feature Article
March 2017

Piercing the Corporate Veil is a Growing Trend in Litigation. What is the Forensic Accountant's Role?, Feature Article
John Markel, CPA/ABV, CVA
April 2005


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